Health data at a glance – any time, anywhere

With the two new products, the BF 800 diagnostic scale and the BM 85 blood pressure monitor, it will be possible in future to transfer your measured values easily and conveniently to the HealthManager app via Bluetooth® Smart. So from now on, you will always be able to keep an eye on your health values.As well as weight, the new BF 800 diagnostic scalerecords numerous other health values such as body mass index (BMI), water content, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR) and active metabolic rate (AMR) and transfers this data directly to the smartphone via Bluetooth® Smart, where users can manage their personal statistics in the HealthManager app.

What happens if the smartphone isn’t immediately to hand? Even this is no problem, because the scale saves up to 30 measured values and transfers them as soon as the HealthManager app is available once again.The BM 85 blood pressure monitor boasts not only an exceptional design, but also outstanding precision and measurement accuracy. The BM 85 blood pressure monitor also possesses the Bluetooth® Smart innovative, wireless transfer technology, which sends the measured values directly to the user’s smartphone. This feature and many more make the BM 85 blood pressure monitor a unique product.

You can find detailed information about Beurer Connect World – HealthManager and the various products here on our website.